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Level 2 SAFE

Level 2 Award in SAfE Parenting: A Therapeutic Parenting Approach

SAfE Parenting is a Therapeutic Parenting Approach which stands for Secure Attachments founded on Empathy.

It is a Therapeutic Parenting programme devised by The Centre of Therapeutic Parenting Studies at Inspire Training Group, part of The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma.

SAfE parenting is based on the PARENTS model of Therapeutic Parenting devised by 
Sarah Naish (2017) which supports parents in their ability to look at the root cause of their child’s behaviour and respond consciously rather than emotionally.

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In This Programme You Will...

  • Gain further knowledge of the main principles of SAfE Parenting.

  • Provide parents with underpinning knowledge of Therapeutic Parenting strategies.

  • Learn how to build foundations of a trusting relationship.

  • Understand how to meet the needs of the growing and developing child.

  • Be able to create a SAfE Parenting Environment.

  • Look deeper into safe parenting - Looking after ourselves.

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Who is the SAfE Parenting Programme for?

The SAfE Parenting Programme is aimed at parents looking after children that have suffered early life trauma through pre or postnatal stress, neglect, domestic violence, and/or abuse.

Not only will parents be able to learn and put in to practice Therapeutic Parenting strategies, which will help them to develop a trusting relationship with their child, they will also gain certification of our CACHE Accredited Customised Qualification in SAfE Parenting.

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Programme Length

Online: Total of 20 hours of study.

Face to Face: 20 hours which can be delivered over 10 weeks in 2-hour sessions.

We aim to provide a learning experience which gives learners access to high quality learning resources, encouraging engagement in areas
relative to therapeutic parenting and the course 

Please note: The qualifications are predominantly studied online through a learning platform; therefore, it is a prerequisite for applicants to be ICT/computer literate.

Doing Homework
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Programme Costs

£468* Per Person
£351* For NATP Members. 


£78* Per Month over 6 months. 
£58.50* Per Month over 6 months For NATP Members.

Payment plans available
*Inclusive of VAT.

  • Best Value

    Level 2 SAfE Parenting Qualification

    Every month
    Access to the level 2 SAfE Parenting Qualfiication
    Valid for 6 months
    • Level 2 SAfE Parenting Qualification

      Valid for 6 months
      • Access to the level 2 SAfE Parenting Qualfiication

    Get in touch today for more information about our therapeutic parenting course.

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