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The Three Tools in Therapeutic Parenting Training


From the best-selling author of ‘The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting’ come these ground-breaking practical intervention tools for Social Workers and Professionals, working alongside adopters and foster parents.

Do you feel that sometimes you don't know where to start?

The three tools training offers a step-by-step approach to deal with, understand and resolve complex behaviours and improve relationships.
This structured approach has been tried and tested in the authors’ own former ‘Ofsted Outstanding’ fostering agency, where there were exceptionally high levels of stability.

Who are these training tools for?

The tools are mainly for use by supporting professionals, like social workers, and therapists, although it is envisaged that many skilled therapeutic parents may also be keen to use the tools that we describe. The tools we have introduced will assist supporting professionals to become more skilled and confident about when, and how, to intervene. 

The Trauma Tracker 

The Trauma Tracker training collates all the historical information about the child and puts it into one place, so that any emerging behaviours can be seen in the context of the known history of the child. It can be used to predict possible behaviours as well as giving an understanding of current issues.


As such, it can be an essential tool for managing family stability for the therapeutic team, who can then use the information to inform other professionals working with the family.


We use The Trauma Tracker to establish how the history of a child inevitably feeds into the child's behaviours and presentation, and from this we can develop appropriate strategies, have a narrative linking behaviours to the past experience, and help parents, professionals, and children to work together to create a cohesive team around the family. 

The Developmental Foundation Planner 

The Developmental Foundation Planner training is a tool that essentially takes the form of a series of tables to be completed and has been devised for supporting professionals to help parents meet the unmet developmental need in children from trauma.


Many parents and supporting professionals who are caring for children with a history of trauma and neglect feel that they don't know where to begin. This took established what each individual child's needs are and how to address them. 


The BAIRT training enables practitioners to use an interactive assessment tool, the Behaviour Assessment of Impact and Resolution Tool. This tool identifies issues as they arise that may threaten the stability of the family and the child.


This is a step-by-step process that incorporates a guide to the assessment tool, how to use it, and when. It is closely linked to Part 2 in The A-Z covering all the behaviours (NAISH 2018).

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 14.03.59.png

Sarah Naish

The Behaviour Assessment of Impact and Resolution Tool (BAIRT)

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 14.05.50.png

Sarah Dillon

The Development Foundation Planner

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Jane Mitchell

The Trauma Tracker

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