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Parents and Daughter

Therapeutic Fostering 

The Therapeutic Fostering Assessment (TFA)


Our pilot phase was highly successful and we have thoroughly tested the new assessment process. We are now excited to announce that we are ready to move forward with the launch of our groundbreaking assessment program. 

The TFA is a new, streamlined process which...

  • Removes duplication

  • Saves hours of work for social workers and administrators

  • Ensures that applicants are properly prepared for the fostering task

The new Therapeutic Fostering Assessment seamlessly integrates all necessary training, including the Training Support & Development (TSD) and All Wales Induction Framework (AWIF) requirements.

It also provides therapeutic foster parents with a Customise Qualification Level 2 Award in Therapeutic Fostering (TFQ), accredited by the nationally recognised awarding body NCFE CACHE, during their assessment.

Be part of the change!

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 15.02.26.png
Trauma-Informed Panel Training

Our training program for fostering panels is designed to provide better support to individuals who are looking to become foster parents. It is crucial to have an understanding of trauma-informed approaches during the assessment process. By incorporating such approaches, the assessment process can become more effective in identifying individuals who are well-suited to provide a safe and nurturing environment to foster children who have experienced trauma.

Exciting News!

One of our pilot agency's where the TFA has been embedded for a couple of years has recently been graded Ofsted Outstanding. 

Express your interest about the Therapeutic Fostering Assessment today!

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