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Trauma-Informed Panel Training

Our training program for fostering panels is designed to provide better support to individuals who are looking to become foster parents. It is crucial to have an understanding of trauma-informed approaches during the assessment process. By incorporating such approaches, the assessment process can become more effective in identifying individuals who are well-suited to provide a safe and nurturing environment to foster children who have experienced trauma.

Working at home


6 hours - via online learning platform.

Who is the Trauma-Informed Panel Training for?

This is for all panel members to better support individuals seeking to become foster parents; it is crucial to gain knowledge of a trauma-informed approach to the assessment process. By implementing a trauma-informed approach, the assessment process can be more effective in identifying individuals who are well-suited to be Trauma-informed foster parents.

Qualification Content

The programme includes the following topics:

  • Understand why panels need to be trauma-informed.

  • Gain knowledge of Developmental trauma and the impact of trauma on the child.

  • Develop an understanding of therapeutic parenting and the reasons why some children need to be therapeutically parented.

  • Gain knowledge of the link between Memory Trauma and false allegations.

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue in foster parents.

  • Gain knowledge in preparation for the role of a Trauma-informed Fostering Panel member



Mode of Learning

The program consists of video-based learning delivered through an online learning platform.


Please note: This course is studied online through a learning platform; therefore, it is a prerequisite for applicants to be ICT/computer literate.

Qualification Benefits

Panel members will gain an underpinning knowledge of Developmental Trauma and the core principles of Therapeutic Parenting. They will be able to draw upon their knowledge in order for them to engage in the panel process, taking a trauma-informed and child-centred approach.


Accreditation & Certification

This course is an Inspire Training Group qualification. once completed, you will receive a certificate from Inspire, which has been endorsed by The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma (CoECT)


Progression route

There is an opportunity to deepen knowledge on the subject by studying the Level 3 Advanced Therapeutic Parenting Programme/ Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting or Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic Parent Coaching.

Training Costs

£108 Person* for TFA Centres or NATP Members. 


£144 Per Person* for Non TFA Centres & Non NATP Members.

*Inclusive of VAT.

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