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Below are examples of the seminars and conferences we deliver. They usually run 10am-4pm.

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Healing Children Through Therapeutic Parenting

This training is a day that gives carers/parents and practitioners real insight into
why children from a traumatic background behave the way they do, and most
importantly, provide practical therapeutic parenting strategies and methods to help to heal with children, and lessen the carer’s/parent’s stress and fatigue.
The trainers will talk about the developmental effects on the brain of a traumatised or neglected child. They also discuss their real-life experiences from an adoptive parent and a previously looked after child’s view on what worked and what didn’t, with strategies to manage behaviour.

This training will include information regarding Compassion Fatigue and the
research we commissioned with Bristol University.

Therapeutic Parenting in a Nutshell

Positives, Pitfalls and a Brand-New Process!


This seminar involves inspirational speakers with first-hand experience.


They will guide parents in their therapeutic parenting journey, including:

• Overcome challenges.
• Rediscover empathy and learn a step by step process to walk you
through even the most difficult situations.
• Why do our children do the things they do?!
• The neuroscience of trauma.
• The Tentacles of Trauma – The ways in which trauma affects our
children every day.
• The P.A.R.E.N.T.S Model - A fantastic new process for resolving
everyday conflicts.

Interrupting Trauma

Sarah Naish and Sarah Dillon will be delivering their amazing seminar with all their Interrupting and Integrating Trauma methods.

On the day, as well as their practical strategies for every situation, they will also help you to use Trauma Interruption Methods such as 'Brushing Therapy' with your children to see immediate an dramatic effects around trauma-based behaviours and fear.

All methods work and have already been used on parents with amazing results.

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