Therapeutic Parenting Podcast - COMING SOON

Welcome to the Therapeutic Parenting podcast brought to you by this UK based Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma.  

This weekly podcast is intended to support people whose lives are being torn 

apart by the consequences of early life trauma and neglect. 

 Are you a deeply concerned adopter or foster parent, birth parent, special guardian or kinship carer? Maybe you are someone who suffered trauma in your early years. Perhaps you’re a supporting professional looking for ways to help traumatized children and struggling families.

 We believe this podcast could just be a lifeline for you if you are struggling and have no idea where to turn.

 This podcast is being brought to you by the  COECT and we are committed to providing people living and working with child trauma with proven strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes for families. 

 The Therapeutic Parenting podcast will feature in-depth conversations with  the COECT professionals and other experts who understand your problems, because they’ve experienced them themselves. But they know a positive future is possible and they want to show you how.