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Caring Child

Healing Children through Therapeutic Parenting

Why do some children need Therapeutic Parenting?

How is it different from ‘standard’ parenting?

How can we practically put Therapeutic Parenting strategies in place and make a REAL difference?

UK leading expert Sarah Naish, answers all of the questions and more in a clear and compelling manner. Inspirational, moving, and motivational. 

Family at Home

The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting

Sarah Naish’s first-hand experiences of parenting 5 children with Developmental Trauma.

This seminar will guide parents and professionals in their Therapeutic Parenting journey and help them to…

Overcoming challenges
Understand how Trauma affects their children every day.
Rediscover empathy.
Learn a step-by-step process to walk you through even the most difficult situations.
Why do our children do the things they do?!
The P.A.R.E.N.T.S Model.

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