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Managing Siblings

Develop strategies for managing sibling groups (large or small, full siblings or mixed, birth or adopted/fostered/SGO). Tips if you are considering a placement of a sibling group. Stealing. Bring your concerns and we will work through strategies together. Fighting. Dealing with professionals. Lying. Staying sane (self-care)

Reconnecting With Your Child - Compassion Fatigue

Learn why Attachment difficulties provoke strong responses in parents. To enable parents to recognise their own responses to children with attachment difficulties. To assist parents in recognising and managing compassion fatigue/ blocked care.

Our Therapeutic Parenting Story - Strategies and Solutions

Hear how mother and adoptive daughter beat all the odds! Sarah Naish and Rosie Jefferies share their experiences of dealing with behaviours related to early life trauma.

Therapeutic Parenting In Real Life

To help parents and supporting professionals to apply therapeutic parenting strategies. The course also clearly explains the complex behaviours of children who have suffered developmental trauma and will help parents and professionals to consolidate therapeutic parenting strategies.

How To Manage Schools

Are you having a nightmare trying to get your child to do their homework? Do you find the school has unrealistic expectations, and are failing to understand your child's attachment difficulties? This course will give you all the answers you need and much more....

Understanding The Teenage Brain

To have a clear understanding of the development of the teenage brain. To enable Therapeutic Parents to recognise why the teenage brain affects poor organisation and impulse control. To review challenges for the traumatised teen and their families. To provide Therapeutic Parents with opportunities to discuss and develop strategies.

Surviving The Holidays

Holidays can be stressful for therapeutic parents and their children. This course will help you to: Manage end of term stresses when routines change. Help to manage long school holidays. Have more successful, less stressful family holidays away.

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