Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all courses certificated? 

A: Yes! All our courses are certificated. 

Q: What qualifications do the trainers have? 

A: Inspire Training Group are the leading experts in Therapeutic Parenting and Trauma. We draw on the experience of a number of professionals within the therapeutic community, adopters, and foster parents. The real-life experience of those working on the project is highly valued by the families who receive our help. Meet Our Team

Q: Can I get a FREE trial before I join? 

A: Yes! You will receive a 7 day FREE trial.

Q: How is payment taken?

A: When signing up you will sign up to a recurring subscription, that will automatically be taken monthly/annually on your sign up date. 

Q: Can I can cancel my membership at any time?

A: Yes! Simply contact us and make us aware you wish to cancel your membership. 

Q: Is this on top of the NAOTP membership?

A: This has been created to compliment NATP services. NATP members receive HUGE savings from Inspire Training group already. All of the training services they provide are currently 50% discounted. The training pass has been created for Therapeutic Parents that would like to be able to access additional training and support for their CPD or to help them on their Therapeutic Parenting journey at a lower cost.

Q: How many times can I watch the courses?

A: The courses are available for you to watch at your leisure and as many times as you wish during your membership period. 

Q: Do I need 2 memberships for myself and my partner? 

A: No, this is a household membership, meaning you will only need 1 membership. Additional certificates can be requested. 

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