Therapeutic Parenting Courses

What is Therapeutic Parenting? 

Therapeutic Parenting is a highly nurturing parenting approach, with empathy at it’s core.

Therapeutic Parenting uses firm but fair boundaries and routines to aid the development of new neural pathways in the brain so children may gain trust in adults. And so their lower brain(survival brain) may connect with their higher brain (prefrontal cortex/thinking brain) so they can link cause and effect.

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Introduction to Therapeutic Parenting

A course for Therapeutic Parents and Supporting Professionals who wish to understand the difference between 'standard' parenting and 'therapeutic' parenting. 


This short course has been devised to give parents and supporting professionals a quick overview about what therapeutic parenting actually means and why we use that term.

  • To look at the difference between ‘standard’ parenting and ‘therapeutic’ parenting.

  • To understand why the children we care for need therapeutic parenting.


Strategies To Manage Behaviour - Dealing with Lying and Stealing

This course explains why children with Developmental Trauma do this, how it makes you feel, and gives practical strategies to reduce the behaviour, while making you feel better and more connected.

During this course you will

  • Receive more information about why children with Developmental Trauma steal and lie.

  •  Look at how this makes the parent feel.

  • Enable Therapeutic Parents to apply practical behaviour management strategies which build connections in the child’s brain AND between the parent and child, which reduces the behaviour.

Therapeutic Parenting PACE in Real Life

This course gives an excellent overview of the Dan Hughes P.AC.E model, with practical applications, to help parents, carers and supporting professionals to apply therapeutic parenting strategies.


The course also clearly explains the complex behaviours of children who have suffered developmental trauma, (attachment difficulties), and will help parents and professionals to consolidate therapeutic parenting strategies, to work more effectively together, achieving better outcomes for children.

Understanding your Traumatised Child

Why do our children DO the things they do??!!

Like you, 22 years ago, I (Sarah Naish) probably said this 100 times a day about my five adopted children.

You don't have to wait 22 years to find out.

Watch our video which explains how they think and why they behave this way-change your life in 15 minutes.

What is Therapeutic Parenting?

What IS Therapeutic Parenting?

Sarah Naish explains in straight forward, jargon free language to set you on the right path to heal your traumatised child.

Created by an adopter and former MD of successful (Ofsted 'Outstanding') Therapeutic fostering agency.


Surviving the Holidays

(Summer & Christmas)

Holidays can be stressful for therapeutic parents and their children.

This informative short set of three videos gives parents and carers strategies to;

  • Manage end of term stresses when routines change

  • Help to manage long school holidays

  • Have more successful, less stressful family holidays away.


Therapeutic Parenting: Where it all begins!

Where it all begins, there is always a beginning. A moment when a parent says, ‘Could we…?, ‘Should we…?‘ Then we take the plunge, contact the Local Authority or agency and start the process, with great expectations, tradition and excitement.

This is also a beginning for the children. This is often not so positive….


Watch this video of Adopter Sarah Naish and her eldest Adoptive Daughter Rosie Jefferies, as they share their own personal experiences of before they met, expectations, meeting, moving in and the honeymoon period.


Monster Island

Sometimes we get stuck, we feel deskilled and overwhelmed by our children’s behaviour. If you don’t know where to start, start here with our quick intro resources video.

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