Recorded Seminars


The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma National Conference - From Reactive to Proactive

…Practical Solutions From a Real-Life Perspective


….Reducing Stress by Changing Our Approach to Trauma

…Preventative work in schools and education settings


…Behaviour Assessment and Intervention Resolution Tools

…Top tips and tool for preventing stealing and lying

…The Trauma Tracker

… And so much more

Conference speakers at the event will be:

  • Sarah Naish 

  • Sarah Dillon 

  • Sonia Martin

  • Jane Mitchell

  • Daniel Thrower


Healing Children through Therapeutic Parenting 

"First time I have ever engaged and felt connected to a topic. Thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I had done it before" - D.H, Foster Carer

"For me it was so insightful to listen to personal experiences of being in the care system and what really made a positive difference." - C.F, Foster Carer SGO


Why do some children need therapeutic parenting? How is it different from ‘standard’ parenting? How can we practically put therapeutic parenting strategies in place and make a REAL difference? UK leading expert Sarah Naish, and her adopted daughter Rosie Jefferies, answer all of these questions and more in a clear and compelling manner. Inspirational, moving and motivational. If you are struggling to re parent a child who has suffered early life trauma, this, recorded live Seminar, is a MUST SEE!