Managing Violent Behaviour


Therapeutically De-escalating Violence 6-week Programme

The course will enable you to have the knowledge, skills and strategies to apply Therapeutic Parenting methods for dealing with child on parent violence. 

Week 1
For the first week we will look at the impacts that Covid-19 has had on our children’s behaviour and emotional well-being. We will introduce the importance of managing first contact in all situations.

Week 2
We will look at the benefits of empathic listening and the importance of information gathering in the de-escalation process.

Week 3 
This week we will be Identifying and managing triggers, both ours and our children’s. We will discuss the positive and negative effects of our behaviour and strategies for improving our responses.

Week 4
We will focus on how to manage contact using the persuasion sequence including re-direction and distraction techniques.

Week 5
This week we will look at how to effectively manage situations when they have escalated, including the techniques to keep everyone safe.

Week 6 
We will end our final week with how to manage closure, repair and reconciliation in a way that compliments therapeutic Parenting.

Course Length: 6 hours


Introduction to De-escalation and Protective Interventions

Join Sarah Naish, Adopter and Therapeutic Parenting Expert and Author of best-selling Therapeutic Parenting books for parents and children and Gerard O’Dea from Dynamis Training & Insight who is an excellent, highly skilled trainer whose ethos and values merge closely with Therapeutic Parenting, who will be answering your questions on violence and de-escalation.

Part 1 - Therapeutic Parenting De-escalation Strategies:
• To understand why children might be violent, thereby developing a greater understanding of extreme behaviours.
• To introduce early interventions and de-escalation strategies.
• To introduce practical strategies to keep the child safe and to avoid conflict.
• Understand the impact of violent behaviour on parents and the importance of self-care


Part 2 - Protective Interventions with Gerard O'Dea
• To understand the regulations and laws around protective physical interventions
• To learn about the hierarchy of responses to physical violence
• To analyse the physical layout of the home to keep everyone safe
• To develop the attitudes needed to keep everyone safe
• To see some fundamental protective tactics to keep everyone safe


Course length - 120 minutes