Compassion Fatigue

In 2015, Sarah Naish commissioned research by the University of Bristol’s Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Parent Studies, (Dr. Heather Ottaway and Professor Julie Selwyn), to produce the first-ever national study* of Compassion Fatigue in foster parents in England, entitled “No-one told us it was going to be like this”. 

Sarah commissioned the research as she had significant personal and professional experience within the sector and had become concerned that the scale of the problem was largely ignored and ending children’s placements prematurely.

The research found that over 75% of foster parents had suffered some level of burnout.

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Overcoming Compassion Fatigue for Parents

Are you struggling to connect to your child?

Do you feel like you are at the end of your tether, exhausted, can't go on?

If so you may be suffering from compassion fatigue (or blocked care). This is our immediate online intervention which will help you right now.


  • To explore why children with attachment difficulties provoke strong responses in parents/carers.

  • To assist parents/carers in recognising and managing compassion fatigue/ blocked care.

  • To discover ways to rediscover empathy and reconnect with your child.


Recognising, Understanding and Managing Compassion Fatigue for Supporting Professionals

A comprehensive certificated course for social workers, managers and other supporting professionals who wish to learn practical strategies to help parents to overcome blocked care, (compassion fatigue).


The course will assist professionals to consolidate therapeutic parenting knowledge, and to work more effectively with parents. 

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