Therapeutic Parenting Library for Children

The collection includes the following titles, each one written specifically for children who have experienced trauma:

Callum Kindly and the Very Weird Child: A story about sharing your home with a new child

Charley Chatty and the Disappearing Pennies: A story about lying and stealing

Charley Chatty and the Wiggly Worry Worm: A story about insecurity and attention-seeking

Katie Careful and the Very Sad Smile: A story about anxious and clingy behaviour

Rosie Rudey and the Enormous Chocolate Mountain: A story about hunger, overeating and using food for comfort

Rosie Rudey and the Very Annoying Parent: A story about a prickly child who is scared of getting close

Sophie Spikey Has a Very Big Problem: A story about refusing help and needing to be in control

William Wobbly and the Mysterious Holey Jumper: A story about fear and coping

William Wobbly and the Very Bad Day: A story about when feelings become too big

Written by a mum who understands, and her daughter (who used to have a lot of difficult feelings), these insightful stories are for all children functioning at age 3-10, and will help the whole family.

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Sophie Spikey Has a Very Big Problem

Video Story

Today Sophie Spikey has a very big problem. She has lost her shoes, again! There is no way she is asking her mum for help, though. I can fix it all by myself, she thought.

Sophie did not have an easy start in life and now she cannot trust grown-ups to help her. Luckily, her new mum is good at guessing when Sophie needs a helping hand.

Written by a mum who understands, and her daughter (who did not like asking for help), this is a story for children functioning at age 3-10.

Read by Rosie Jefferies 


Rosie Rudey and the Very Annoying Parent

Video Story

Today Rosie Rudey has had enough!

"Rosie, put your coat on, it's cold outside."
"Rosie, bring your sandwich box to the kitchen, please."
"Rosie, stop being nasty to your brother."

LEAVE ME ALONE, she thought.

Rosie did not have an easy childhood which has made her build a hard shell around herself so no one can get in. Luckily her new mum knows just how to help soften Rosie's hard exterior.

Read by Rosie Jefferies and Sarah Naish 


Rosie Rudey and the Enormous Chocolate Mountain Video Story

Rosie Rudey loves chocolate. It's her very favourite food, and it helps fill the empty feelings in her tummy. When her stupid siblings annoy her, Rosie wants nothing more than to eat lots and lots of chocolate.

One day, Rosie takes all of her family's chocolate and forms her own enormous chocolate mountain. She thinks it is beautiful and it takes away all her fuzzy feelings. But then suddenly, there's no chocolate left! And now Rosie is going to throw up. Luckily, Mum understands why Rosie acts this way.

Read by Rosie Jefferies 

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