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Caring Child


Conferences, seminars and keynote speaking


Healing Children through Therapeutic Parenting

Why do some children need therapeutic parenting?

How is it different from ‘standard’ parenting?

How can we practically put Therapeutic Parenting strategies in place and make a REAL difference?


UK Leading expert Sarah Naish, answers all of the questions and more in a clear and compelling manner. Inspirational, moving, and motivational.

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Connecting Therapeutic Parents Everywhere

Hear how Sarah Naish learnt and applied the skills she has gained through her Therapeutic Parenting Journey.


Focus groups on Sarah’s book The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting: Strategies and Solutions.

Mother and Son


Straight talking solutions for professionals working with our most vulnerable children - From Trauma to Trust

Truth, Lies, and the ‘Memory Carousel’ – Why do our children seem to remember things one day but not the next? Why do false allegations happen and what can we do about this?


Sarah Naish and Sarah Dillon will explain how this looks and feels from the parent, supporting professional and child perspectives, offering real strategies and insight to tackle these complex issues.

Child watching cartoons


Practical solutions for real-life perspective - From Reactive to Proactive

Reducing stress by changing our approach to trauma.


Information on the Trauma Tracker, Schools and Education, Behaviour Assessment Intervention Resolution Tools, preventing lying and stealing.

Young Painter


Survival Strategies for Therapeutic Parents - From Chaos to Cake

If the A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting was your roadmap of strategies through to sanity, this conference is your hot flask of tea or coffee, and a cosy blanket which will keep you warm, safe, and well on your journey, ensuring you reach the other side, mentally and physically well.

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Interrupting the Trauma

On the day, as well as their tried and tested practical strategies for every situation, they will also help you to use Trauma interruption methods such as ‘The Delta Wave Therapy Touch’ to see immediate and dramatic effects around Trauma-based behaviours and fear.

All methods work and have already been used on parents with amazing results.

Image by Christin Hume


Keynote Speaking

Sarah Naish is available to attend seminars and conferences that are held in house as a keynote speaker.

If you have an event upcoming and would like Sarah or one of our other trainers to attend, please contact us to discuss this further.

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Get in touch today for more information about our conferences, seminars & keynote speaking.

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